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The illegal operation of fire hydrants is dangerous and can result in breaks and the malfunction of the hydrant when needed for fire emergencies. Keep neighborhoods safe; report open hydrants to 617-989-7000.


Boston is home to New England's oldest and largest water and sewer systems, which are owned, maintained and operated by the Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC). Established in 1977, BWSC continues to provide water and sewer services to more than one million residents, workers, students, shoppers, conventioneers, hospital patients and visitors each and every day.

What's New

  • LeadMayor Walsh Announces Expansion of Lead Replacement Incentive Program for Boston's Homeowners

    Program Designed to Protect the Health and Safety of Boston's Residents from Lead.

  • LeadLead Service Map

    Lead is everywhere. Whether you live in an apartment or single family home, in an old or new neighborhood, lead is in your environment.

  • ConnectedWe Are All Connected

    In Boston, we are all connected through our water. People, who live, work in, or visit the city all enjoy our harbor, rivers, brooks, and ponds - our waterways - and keeping them pollution-free is a priority. Learn more about all of Boston's water on our interactive webpage.

  • boston harborConsent Decree

    BWSC's plan with EPA to improve Boston's water quality, increase public awareness and protect the environment.

  • hydrantSanitary Sewer Overflow Maps

    BWSC's Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) maps display the location of SSOs throughout the City of Boston over a selected time period.

  • tap waterBest of the Best Tap Water Taste Test

    The Boston Water and Sewer Commission won "Best of the Best" in a national tap water taste test.

  • American Water Works AssociationAsset Management and Iron Pipe

    It's What Boston Is Built On. Innovative ways Boston has faced the challenges of aging infrastructure by using iron pipe as a sustainable, long-lasting material for its water system.

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